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Lucky enough I was able to realise my ideas together with a team of specialists, the result of which became the MickMath-Concept of Strategic Learning Games, the long sought-after answer to so many problems.

I started as a teacher in a remote desert town where I taught immigrant children from Eastern Europe and the Maghreb. Very soon I felt that I wanted to support and encourage pupils with special needs, especially those with deficits in maths. To this end I studied to gain the necessary knowledge and qualifications to become, among others, a certified teacher and counsellor for Special Education, IE-MLE-LPAD (Prof.R.Feuerstein) , Dyscalculia and family counselling. Over the years I realised that many problems could be avoided, if only children had the chance to acquire the cognitive functions and all the basics needed for general learning maths in particular, early enough in life. The question was only how?


Michal Gablinger

Cert. Counsellor for Dyscalculia
Cert. Counsellor for Learning Disabilities
Cert. Family Counselling
Cert. Feuerstein Instructor

MickMath R&D

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