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Michal Gablinger

Cert. Counsellor for Dyscalculia
Cert. Counsellor for Learning Disabilities
Cert. Family Counselling
Cert. Feuerstein Instructor

MickMath R&D

Freihofstrasse 20, CH-8700 Kusnacht  Mobile:+ 41 (0) 79 400 44 85 info@mickmath.com

I was lucky enough to be able to realise my ideas together with a team of specialists, the result of which became the MickMath-Concept of Strategic Learning Games, the long sought-after answer to so many problems.

After accomplishing my studies in Tel Aviv to become a teacher for the 6th to 8th grade, I was subsequently recruited to the army where I taught immigrant children from Eastern Europe and the Maghreb. Many of those children had learning deficiencies, which had a negative influence on their learning attitude and their behaviour. I soon realised that many of the poor outcomes could have been avoided with different, more appropriate, approaches to early stage learning.

Having married a Swiss, I moved to Zurich where I attended the University of Zurich and studied the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) / Instrumental Enrichment (I.E) a learning approach with Prof. R.Feuerstein. I.E. is a intervention program designed to modify the cognitive structure of persons with learning difficulties and to enhance the capacity to learn.

In parallel, and also at Zurich University, I attended lectures for child psychology (Prof.St.Herzka) and education for special needs (Ms.Dr.M.Asperger).

Over the years, I gained all necessary knowledge to become a trainer for teachers in MLE / I.E. of Professor Feuerstein.

Additionally I studied dyscalculia therapy (Prof.R.Gubler) and started working as a free-lance for the official “Schulpsychologischer Dienst” Zurich/Meilen where I am still active to this very day.

As a final input to my work, realising that many learning problems influence the whole family/system or vice versa, I studied in the institute for Systemic Family Therapy of Dr.med.Martin Zbinden and Dr.med. Jürg Liechti,

Following this I graduated after 3 years of studies as a couple and family counsellor at the Kirschenbaum Institute by the visiting Professor M.Kirschenbaum, California in Zurich.