Thank you

Dear Michal, dear Alex  

We would like to thank you most sincerely for everything you did to make the MickMath experience so memorable to our learners. Our Primary Grade teachers and all pupils have not stopped talking about their exciting and challenging MickMath games. We could not have wished for more professional Math teaching – you both, Michal and Alex are professionals, warm and encouraging. The MickMath learning material is top class as expected, the MickMath program so well designed, exiting and motivational for the teachers and learners. We are so grateful to you all for providing our children and our school with such an awesome experience. Through your MickMath program it is so exiting to watch our children growing in Math to maturity and learning these essential skills in such a wonderful way.

                                                                                                     Once again thank you very sincerely. May God bless you and your family

                                                                                                     With kind regards

                                                                                                     Sister Staff HOD Primary School St.Martin de Porres, Port Shepstone, KZN South Africa

MickMath – A new approach to help children integrating into our multi-cultural societies

ALL children deserve a chance to acquire education and thus become autonomous young adults in charge of their own lives contributing to the society they live in.

MickMath mediates the basic cognitive functions by implementing especially developed learning games without the need of language and the perception of abstract numbers. The cognitive functions are the core of any learning. In addition, games offer a platform to gather emotional and social experiences and strengthens them herein.

MickMath is an entirely new approach to arithmetic’s, only by playful perception of forms and colours implemented into numerous different learning games. This leads to an understanding of number values and logical thinking. This happens language-independent, as arithmetic’s is one of only two worldwide known languages, namely music and arithmetic. This frees capacities for learning other subjects such as languages, most important for integration into any society. Children love to play, independent of their language, culture or socio-economic background. This even shows with children having undergone traumatic experiences. Very often playing is the only possibility to make children laugh and to awaken their motivation to learn.

To become a MickMath facilitator all it needs is the love for children. Instructions can be obtained life or via Skype etc.

Two further instruments to positively process emotions is the “Emo(tion) Game” and “Poweralbum” (s. special column)