The MickMath Concept

What is MickMath?

MickMath is a comprehensive, modular concept for the development and enhancement of basic cognitive functions, emotional intelligence and social behaviour. The concept consists of over 30 strategic learning games aimed at improving children’s understanding of arithmetic and logical thinking. The diverse games can be played also in a group setting and have visual, auditory, tactile, physical and rhythmic components to stimulate different modes of perception and keep children entertained. By helping children to improve their general cognitive functions, MickMath provides the foundation for efficient learning in not just mathematics but in other subject areas such as social competence and language skills as well.

Through playing the child develops autonomy, which will strengthen its trust in its intellectual capabilities, which again heightens its self-esteem and this will be the motivation to tackle new challenges. In other words motivation comes with success, i.e. through positive feedback 

MickMath is not only about strategies and techniques but about basic change of attitude, out from passivity towards dynamic motivated activities. The multitude of games on the same theme, modularly composed with different levels and difficulties allows the child to replay rather than repeat by rote.

Quoting Albert Einstein: “Playing is the highest form of research.”