The MickMath Games

The MickMath Games enhance and support the following indispensable skills:

  • Counting skills (up and down)
  • Number line (position)
  • Comparing quantities and their relationship (bigger than, smaller than…
  • Sorting, grouping, classification
  • Composition (understanding of seriation)
  • Logical interconnection (sequences and analogies)
  • Estimation (concrete and abstract experiences)
  • Spatial abilities (right, left, above, below, in front, behind
  • 4 Basic math operations

All of these goals are being achieved by joyful playing with various games such as board, card, dominos, beat-and-rhythm,

memories and lotto. MickMath is not only about techniques and strategies but also about procuring a fundamental and thorough

change in learning attitudes. Therefore we use various inputs such as visual, auditory and tactile. The games were developed

specifically for the MickMath concept, repetitive playing with a multitude of games instead of mechanical repetition; so that

motivation will not be undermined. (Selective games can also be obtained for personal use.)