Emo-(tion) Game

With the Emo-(tion) Game children 5 up learn to express their negative feelings, listen to proffered solutions, to evaluate and decide on their own which of the offered solutions suites them best.

It is of utmost importance that children learn this at an early age. Obstacles, failures and consequently negative feelings are fruitful grounds for undermining self assurance and can lead to a vicious circle of disappointment, anger, frustration, jealousy, etc.

Children learn to understand and respect each other as well as to appreciate the diversity of different views – the precondition for any conflict solving and indispensable for the integration in a multi-cultural society.

Although the family is of utmost importance, very soon the peer group takes a vital role in a child’s life. This can either happen as a positive support but also as a danger of being teased, bullied or excluded. On the other hand playing the Emo-(tion) Game, children having offered  a solution are less prone to become an offender.

By coping with negative predicaments we do not mean finding solutions only. Coping also means the ability to come to terms with the fact that some situations cannot be undone, what helps is only comfort, empathy and time.